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Stem cell treatment may repair your torn muscle without the need for invasive surgeries or potentially dangerous medications.

If muscle pain, swelling, or loss of function is affecting your ability to walk, run, or stand, you may be suffering from an intramuscular tear. Muscle injury usually occurs during strenuous activities like sports, high impact exercise, heavy physical labor, or lifting. One wrong move or hard pull on a muscle may strain or even tear it, causing severe pain and impairing movement.

Regenerative medicine offers one of the most effective muscle tear treatments known to science: stem cell therapy. This treatment may repair your torn muscle without the need for invasive surgeries or potentially dangerous medications.


When you exert too much force on your muscle you risk tearing it. Your muscles are flexible, but overextending them abruptly can strain them, causing a painful tear. Symptoms include:

  • a straining or burning sensation of the affected muscle at the time of injury, followed by severe pain
  • inability to flex the affected muscle without extreme pain
  • walking with a limp and limited mobility if leg is affected
  • loss of function or reduced range of motion if your arm is affected
  • pain, swelling, and tenderness in the affected area

Muscle tears are more common among people who participate in strenuous physical activities like sports or physical labor. However, a hard impact, stressful muscle strain, or car accident can also cause a muscle tear.

Potentially dangerous medications or risky, expensive surgeries aren’t always necessary. Our stem cell product may promote your body’s ability to reduce or eliminate pain and stimulate natural muscle tissue restoration – cell by cell.

Unlike surgery, which removes flesh and bone, regenerative medicine applies live harvested stem cells. These are injected directly into your pain site, stimulating your damaged cells to regenerate, gradually reconstructing your painful tissue, reducing or eliminating your pain, repairing your muscle, and restoring your range of movement.

Your provider will use live x-ray or ultrasound imaging for guidance, so the injection will be delivered precisely into the area where your damaged cells are causing your pain.

The stem cell product your provider introduces into your tissue may continue producing human growth factors for weeks, or even months. The duration of active stem cell therapy varies depending on your age, body type, genetics, general health, and injury severity. Treatment success rates also vary depending on these factors. Our goal is to enable you to return to your regular work and leisure activities as much as possible.

Modern scientific research and experience during the past 20 years have given us a robust protocol for many different types of injuries. After examining your medical history and general health, as well as determining the severity of your injury, your healthcare provider will decide how many million cells are needed to treat your specific injuries as effectively as possible under your unique health circumstances.